Berzsenyi Dániel Mixed Choir

Led by Adrienne Vinczeffy, the mixed choir of Savaria Campus has been a regular participant in international festivals both in Hungary and throughout Europe, where they have won several awards and special prizes. The year 1986 is particularly memorable for the choir, since they were singing at St. Peter’s Square at the audience of Pope John Paul II.

The repertory of the choir is extremely rich, ranging from a cappella chorus works to oratory pieces. Besides contemporary works the choir performs works from manuscripts of olden times.

The choir also participated in the opera recording of Michael Haydn’s Andromeda e Pereso, in Italy. They have made eleven original recordings, and the thematic series of the Centuries of Hungarian Church Music I-VI, is outstanding, as is the album Music of the Esterházy Court. The latter is supplemented with illustrated books in English and Hungarian, including the biographies of composers, textbooks and reviews of performances.