Sports at the University

At some faculties of the University of Sopron, students have compulsory physical education classes. At other faculties our students have optional physical activities. At the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, the students have the possibility to learn kayaking, canoeing and rowing on the 2,200 meter reservoir of the Moson branch of the river Danube.

The sport activities are organized by student committees, which are not part of their regular study schedules. Every year students participate in many sports in inter-university competitions and championships.


The Sopron Sports Association of the University of Sopron was founded in Selmecbánya in 1860 and from that time it has continuously operated as Europe’s second and Hungary’s oldest sports association. SMAFC stands for the Sopron University Club for Athletics and Football whose basketball players made it legendary. The treasured name of SMAFC stems from the fact that from 1934 until 1952 the mining, metallurgical and forestry faculties were part of the József Nádor University of Technology and Economics. Today we still continue to use the cherished name of SMAFC.

The basketball club of SMAFC enriched the history of the university with a number of athletic successes. In the academic year of 1948-49, the legendary basketball team won the second division with no losses. For years they played in the first division, among the best teams for the Hungarian championship in first division. By 1962 an outstanding team was assembled under the leadership of Ferenc Krasznai and had one success after another in the next ten years. In 1969 they were the first team outside Budapest who won the Hungarian People’s Republic Cup. This was particularly noteworthy since in most first division teams some professionals were playing, but in SMAFC there were only unpaid university students. Ferenc Krasznai’s work was crowned with the selection of several of his players as members of the Hungarian national team. The present sports centre and a basketball tournament are both named after this famous coach.

In addition to basketball, the university had outstanding results, winning gold medals in the European karate championship, silver medals in horse riding, chess and skiing. We have also had athletic success in orienteering.


The Szombathely University Sports Association (SZOESE) has fourteen divisions with 1,400 participating sportsmen and sportswomen, making it one of the country’s most important university and college sports associations. Their women’s handball team has been participating in the second division for ten years, and the men’s team has had outstanding sportsmen for many years. Men basketball players belong to the leading group of the second division. The women’s team is the oldest division of the association and has had a number of successes. The football players have been successful at Universitas Cups. In single sports events, there are speed skaters, (Olympic bronze medal), triathlon and duathlon (gold medals in European championships). The gymnastics, orienteering and athletics teams also have had a number of sports successes (gold medals at inter-university championships).